Programme Approval Handbook : 2023/24

Annex 1 - Programme Approval Process in Detail

Annex 2 - Programme Approval Checklist

Annex 3 - The Programme Development Record (PDR)

Annex 4 : Programme Design and Development:

Annex 4i - Guidance for HE6 Programmes

Annex 4ii - Guidance for HE7 Programmes

Annex 4iii - Guidance for HE8 Programmes

Annex 4iv - Best Practice Guide to Curriculum Design

Annex 4v - GAME Design Guidance

Annex 4vi - Guidelines for Preparing a Programme Specifiation

Annex 4vii - Guidelines for Preparing a Module Specification

Annex 4viii - Example of a Programme Learning Outcomes Map - Updated May 2024

Annex 4ix - Example of a Coherence Map

Annex 4x - Example of an Assessment Table

Annex 4xi - Example of an Assessment Journey Map

Annex 4xii - Example of a GAME Map

Annex 4xiii - Module Standard Hours


Annex 5 - Planning Meeting Notes and Agenda

Annex 6 - Timelines for 2023/24

Annex 7 - Stakeholder Consultation:

Annex 7i - Stakeholder Consultation Overview

Annex 7ii - Employer and Professional Advisor Consultation Report

Annex 7iii - Student and Applicant Consultation Report

Annex 8 - External Advisor Documentation:

Annex 8i - Criteria for Approval of an External Advisor

Annex 8ii - Nomination form for the Appointment of an External Advisor

Annex 8iii - External Advisor Consultation Report

Annex 8iv - Payment of Fees for External Advisor

Annex 9 - Internal Advisor Documentation:

Annex 9i - Internal Advisor Consultation Report

Annex 10 - SEO PDR Check Report

Annex 10i - Standards & Enhancement PDR Check Report


ARP - Academic Recommendation Panel Documentation

Approval Recommendation Panel (ARP) Recommendation and Programme Approval Form 


Annex 12 - Programme Approval Panel (PAP) Documentation (Route B):

Annex 12i - PAP Terms of Reference and Membership

Annex 12ii - Lines of Enquiry Template

Annex 12iii - PAP Schedule

Annex 12iv - PAP Recomemndation Report

Annex 12v - PAP Summary Report

Annex 12vi - PAP Full Report

Annex 12vii - Template for letter to Panellists


Guidance on HECoS codes

The Higher Education Classification of Subjects (HECoS) | HESA