Report Form User Guide (Qualtrack)

Reply to External Examiner using Qualtrack (User Guide)

Video presentation on how to upload a reply to an External Examiner in Qualtrack:

Part 1          and       Part 2

Information on Fees and Expenses

Expenses/Fees Claim Form

The Nomination, Appointment, Rights and Responsibilities of External Examiners and the Consideration of their Reports (September 2023 Edition)

Application for Approval of an External Examiner for a Taught Course  (EE1)

Application for Approval of an Extension of Appointment or a Reallocation of Duties between Approved External Examiners for a Taught Course  (EE2)

Guidance Notes for Mentoring Arrangements

Regulations for the Organisation and Conduct of Assessment Boards


Assessment Procedures for Tutors

Assessment Regulations for Undergraduate Programmes: 2023/24

Assessment Regulations for Postgraduate Programmes: 2023/24

External Examining at other HEIs

If you have external examining duties (for taught undergraduate or postgraduate programmes) at any other higher education institution(s) then you have an obligation to provide the University with the required information by visiting: (this site is only accessible via a device connected to the university network). This will give the University an overview of such commitments and enable provision of relevant support at institutional level and within your academic department.