All new and modified programme proposals require Academic Approval before any significant development work is undertaken.

Strategic Approval

Proposals that involve a partner organisation; which involve financial investment by the University or are for on-line programmes require approval from the Strategic Planning and Resource Development Committee (SPRDC). To obtain this approval a completed Strategic Approval Form (SAF) should be submitted to the Secretary of SPRDC.  

New programme proposals require Academic Approval and this can be obtained in one of two ways, as follows:

New programme prosposals, both those that have required Strategic Approval and those that do not, require approval by Programmes Committee.  All proposals need to be included on a Programme Approval Form (PAF) which is to be submitted to the Secretary of Programmes Committee.

Higher and Degree Apprenticeship require Academic Approval  please see the Higher and Degree Apprenticeship information pages via this link.  Once completed the Apprenticeship Approval Form (AAF) is to be submitted to the Secretary of Programmes Committee.


Modification to an existing programme requires Academic Approval and this can be obtained, as follows:

A completed Change Approval Form (CAF) should be submitted to the Secretary of Programmes Committee.

The procedure to be followed is documented in Process Guide - Approval for Modification to Module and/or Programme Specifications

Programme Closure or Suspension requires approval from Programmes Committtee as follows:

A completed Programme Suspension and Closure Form  (PSCFshould be submitted to the Secretary of Programmes Committee.

Financial Planning for Programme Approval

The following spreadsheet can be used to provide the Appendix 1 financial information which is required for all Strategic, Academic and/or Apprenticeship Approval processes


 Appendix 1 - Financial-Planning-for-Approval-Process-2023-24

If you have any questions please contact the Standards and Enhancement Office at or telephone Angela Nuttall 01204 903452