What You Can Expect


Directorate Wide Standards

All Services will conduct an annual survey of customers on the key indicators of satisfaction and the following commitment to provide a high standard of service delivery:

  • a friendly, welcoming and supportive environment
  • to be treated with respect, courtesy and consideration
  • to have opportunities to provide feedback and help facilitate continuous improvement
  • to be helped by appropriately trained staff
  • to have enquiries responded to within a specified time
  • services will be promoted to all new staff and students as part of induction processes
  • to be informed of any unexpected disruption to service
  • With the exception of the Library, all services are available from 8:45 am to 5:00 pm

Other Service Standards


We aim to order 90% of reading-list items within one week of the order being submitted. We aim to make 90% of ordered material available within 18 working days.

Inter Library Loan requests will be dealt within 2 working days of receipt. We aim to satisfy 96% of request within 7 working days.

Disability Services:

We will ensure students will be offered an appointment dated within 3 weeks of receiving their diagnostic report.

We will offer at least 2 drop-in sessions per week

We will provide those entitled to laptop loans a maximum wait of 6 weeks.

Student Services

All student letter requests to be completed within 5 working days

Staff available via the online Ambassador platform 30 hours a week

Student Support Fund

We aim to assess applications within 4 working weeks. The 4 working weeks processing period commences once all required evidence has been submitted.