This guide is for staff with a focus on undergraduate students.

What are graduate attributes?

Graduate attributes are the personal qualities, skills and academic abilities that are valued by the University of Bolton community, and that a student should acquire during their time at University.

Graduate attributes are:

  • Expressive of what it means to be a University of Bolton graduate
  • Not simply taught in the classroom but fostered through meaningful experiences and as a result of continuous learning and reflection
  • Unique to every student – in terms of their starting point, experiences, development and comprehension.

The Graduate Attributes Matrix for Employability (GAME) has been developed to capture and articulate undergraduate attributes, and provides a consistent framework for academic staff to:

  • Assess and benchmark an individual’s core skills performance
  • Describe core skills relevant to the workplace and employment
  • Map against curricula
  • Tailor approaches to teaching and learning
  • Develop self-evaluation tools which increase learner engagement and ownership

Graduate attributes can be developed as part of a programme of study, as well as through the wider student experience. They act as a point of reference for a students' personal development and support the articulation of employability and transferable skills.

Graduate Attributes

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