Welcome to the Centre for Opposition Studies (CfOS)

The Centre for Opposition Studies is a cross-party research organisation founded in 2010 to promote and advance the study of political opposition in the UK and beyond. It has been based at the University of Bolton since 2017, when we signed a partnership agreement to develop postgraduate degree courses in this and related subjects.

The Centre is Chaired by Baroness (Janet) Royall of Blaisdon, the former Labour Leader of the Opposition in the House of Lords, and its Executive Director is Professor Mohammad Abdel-Haq. Furthermore, a Director of Research is Dr. Nigel Fletcher. Its Honorary Presidents two former UK Leaders of the Opposition: Lord (Neil) Kinnock and Lord (Michael) Howard.

As well as our developing academic programme, we organise high-profile public lectures and seminars with leading academics and politicians, and have also completed project work for the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office to promote the value of effective democratic opposition.To mark our 10th Anniversary in 2020, we launched the Opposition Studies Network ( http://oppositionstudies.net/ ).
This interdisciplinary initiative aims to bring together academic researchers from a range of universities and with a mix of research specialisms, all united by their interest in the often-neglected topic of political opposition.

Opposition Studies Network

The Opposition Studies Network is a UK-based community of researchers with an interest in political opposition. It is a project created and run by the Centre for Opposition Studies, an independent research institution founded in 2010.

The network aims to bring together interdisciplinary academic research on the subject with the practical experience of those actually engaged in it. Whilst international opposition is also covered, the Network has a UK focus.

On this site you will find links to articles and resources on political opposition, divided into a number of different categories reflecting the many and varied facets of the topic. If you would like to get involved in our work, please apply to join.

Upcoming Event

Centre for Opposition Studies Post-Election Webinar:

Opposition in the New Parliament: Surveying the Changed Political Landscape.

Streamed online on Microsoft Teams on Thursday 18th July 2024, 11am-12.30pm.

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